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Gen x dating site

Which means my straddling of this gap between generations just got more tedious. What happened to dinner and a movie, or at the very least coffee?What happened to waiting for three months to forge an emotional connection before sullying the whole thing up with your sheet moves?Tinder, America’s fast-growing online-dating juggernaut, last week unveiled its first big branding partnership aimed at its core audience of millennial fling-seekers: a neon-drenched video-ad campaign hyping Bud Light’s mega-keg party, “Whatever, USA.” Meanwhile, over at Tinder’s less-youthful rival e Harmony, a recent ad saw its 80-year-old founder counseling a single woman besieged by bridesmaid’s invitations to take some time (and, of course, the site’s 200-question compatibility quiz) to find that special someone: “Beth, do you want fast or forever?

It’s not clear that the young and perky are the best market for corporate matchmakers.

Ever wonder what our generation will be known for in the decades to come? There are so many great things we could be remembered for, but if history has taught us anything, it's the negative that tends to last the test of time, not the positive.

My greatest worry is our generation will be looked at as the generation that gave up on love. The generation that forgot how to love — which is ridiculous.

One in 10 adults now average more than an hour every day on a dating site or app, Nielsen data show.

Yet for all their growth, the companies have staggeringly different ideas of how American daters can find their match — and how to best serve different generations.

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As marketers, we know it’s hard to acquire customers.